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Who are Tesehki’s Siblings & Family? Wikipedia & Family Ethnicity 2024

Tesehki Age And Wikipedia

Emerging as a notable figure in the R&B scene, Tesehki has captivated audiences with her unique blend of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. With a string of successful singles and a rapidly growing social media presence, Tesehki’s journey in the music industry is drawing considerable attention, especially regarding her age, family background, and personal life.

Summary Table

Full NameLatifa Malone (Stage Name: Tesehki)
Age (As of January 2024)28 years old
BirthdateMay 22, 1995
Career StartJanuary 2014
Notable Singles“Real As Me,” “I Need Love,” “Thinking Bout You”
Social Media Presence1.1 million followers on Instagram
SiblingChrisean Malone
Family EthnicityAfrican-American

Tesehki Age and Career Beginnings

GreenLight Studio Music produced the singer in the Right Back music video. (Source: YouTube)

Latifa Malone, known professionally as Tesehki, is currently 28 years old. Born on May 22, 1995, she has quickly established herself as a promising talent in the music industry. Tesehki began her career by sharing music and lifestyle content on Instagram in January 2014, and since then, she has released several hits, including “I EATSS,” “Love More,” “I Need Love,” “Special Bond,” and “Right Back.” Her music video “I EATSS” has already garnered significant attention on YouTube.

Tesehki’s younger sister, Chrisean Malone, is also making waves as an Instagram influencer and musician. Born on March 14, 2000, Chrisean is 23 years old, creating a five-year age gap between the sisters. Both hailing from Baltimore, MD, they share a deep connection rooted in their shared passion for music and social media influence. Chrisean’s relationship with Blueface and her journey into motherhood have added new dimensions to her public persona.

Tesehki’s Family Ethnicity and Background

Tesehki grew up in a family that embraced African-American culture and traditions, which have significantly influenced her music and identity. Despite the challenges she faced in her upbringing, including living in a one-bedroom apartment and attending Brainerd High School in Minnesota, Tesehki remained closely connected to her family. Her father, a professional chef, and her mother’s struggle with substance abuse shaped her early years. Tesehki’s journey, marked by resilience and a deep connection to her roots, is a testament to the strength and diversity of her family’s story.

Tesehki’s music often reflects the experiences and challenges she faced growing up. Her family’s struggles and triumphs have played a crucial role in shaping her artistic voice. As she navigates the complexities of the music industry, Tesehki continues to draw inspiration from her family’s rich cultural heritage and the personal stories that have defined her journey.

The Malone Sisters: A Tale of Two Artists

The Special Bond singer began her career in 2014. (Source: YouTube)

Chrisean Malone, Tesehki’s sister, has carved out her niche as an artist and influencer. Following in her elder sister’s footsteps, Chrisean has embarked on her musical journey, showcasing her talent through various social media platforms. Her relationship with Blueface and the birth of her son have been pivotal moments in her life, garnering public attention and adding depth to her public image.

The Malone sisters share a unique bond, supporting each other in their respective artistic endeavors. As Tesehki continues to rise in the R&B world, Chrisean’s growing influence as a musician and social media personality further highlights the talent and resilience within their family.

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As Tesehki continues to evolve as an artist, fans eagerly anticipate her next musical releases and collaborations. Her journey is a compelling narrative of talent, determination, and the power of family support in the pursuit of artistic dreams. Tesehki’s story, still unfolding, promises to be one of continued success and inspirational influence in the world of R&B and beyond.